Photo by: Tak Inagaki, Photomontage by: Nicoletta Veronesi

These 15 Dresses of Transformation tell the artist's journey to Self Empowerment.

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BLACK FOREST, MY HOME: The forest is a dark place, the place of suffering that throughout history women from all over the planet have shared. In this place, I feel one with them: my pain is their pain. Women are the heart of the Earth.
SELF REFLECTION: I look at myself as I am, without illusions. We women have been measured and confused by countless stereotypes. We have been told how we should be, what we should think and how we should dress. But who am I really?
LOVE AT ARM’S LENGTH: In order to know who we are, separation is necessary: Only in relation to others can we learn who we are.
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REBIRTH: For her exhibit at The Italian American Museum in 2008 Caterina created a new dress entitled “Rebirth”. This dress is completely transparent to show the messages she learned in her “journey of transformation” which are now a part of her. These are written directly on the body of the mannequin and are words of Self Love and Self Acceptance for all the parts of her body. We women have been cut in pieces, used and abused by institutions, gender stereotypes and media, and it takes a journey to recover, accept and love our bodies again.

“I love you my hair, you and I have fun”
“I love you my ears, you are always open”
“I love you my eyes, you bring beauty inside me”
“I love you my hands, creativity expresses through you”
“I love you my breasts, you are soft”
“I love you my stomach, you are a wonderful friend”
“I love you my belly, you are my center”
“I love you my hips, you are strong”
“I love you my behind, you are my pal”
“I love you my vagina, keeper of secrets”
“I love you my blood, you climb up and down even when I sleep”
“I love you my feet, you carry me everywhere”
“I love you my skin, I breathe through you”
“I love you my heart, you are my will to live”
“I love you my smile, you are my window to other souls”