Teaching Technique

Learning English was such a challenge for me that when I began teaching Italian I resolved to make it as easy as possible for my students.  I researched many  approaches to foreign language teaching, with particular focus on how people learn.  I wanted to make the process easy and fun for my students, and I believe I succeeded.  At the Award Ceremony for Teaching Excellency at the New School, the [ex] President said, “Among the many letters of recommendation we received one says, ‘Caterina makes learning Italian as easy as drinking a glass of water.’ ”

When teaching I have 3 goals in mind:

I want my students to acquire the language (not just verb conjugations) and be able to communicate meaningfully.  My classes are very interactive and I deeply care about their progress.
Here are some comments from my students’ evaluations this past semester:
“I love your class because it’s so much fun.”
“I enjoy the class because the activities we do are always a surprise.”
“Your class is a pleasure and it’s the highlight of my week.”
“Every Wednesday I rush to your class after work because I LOVE IT!”
“Thank you for everything.  I hope I will remember what I learned in your class throughout my life.”
“I am amazed at how much I can say after only one semester.”

Click here to download a PowerPoint Lesson Sample of orginial material by Caterina Bertolotto and Alessandra Seggi

Teaching Resume

Caterina Bertolotto graduated from the University of Torino, Italy. She earned nine certificates in different language teaching methodologies and received a Distinguished University Teaching Award from the New School in New York City.

Caterina is the published author of four books and a double CD, and has taught seven Seminars for teachers of language.

For over 20 years, she has taught Italian at The New School, NYC, and served as Italian Program Coordinator and trainer. She is now in charge of Special Programs.

Caterina has also taught undergraduates at Sarah Lawrence College, Montclair State University, Pratt Institute, Eugene Lang and Baruch College.

NEW! Learn Italian in Italy with me!
August 1–August 14, 2012

An Italian Language Instruction book
written by myself and Giuseppe Manca

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